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Anette von Eichels Inner Tide

Anette von Eichel

Marko Lackner

Sebastian Sternal

Henning Sieverts

Jonas Burgwinkel

Pride, revenge, seduction, love, nobility: the more than 100 female figures that George Frideric Handel depicts in his works are often self-confident, courageous and strong women. This concert examines them, their issues and contexts, and builds a musical bridge between Handel’s music and the world of jazz. Here their stories are told as well!

Anette von Eichel makes a guest appearance in this concert with her band Inner Tide, that brings together some of Germany’s best-known jazz musicians: Sebastian Sternal on piano, Henning Sieverts on bass, Jonas Burgwinkel on drums and, especially for this concert, Marko Lackner (AU) on alto and soprano saxophone – plenty of room for improvisation, dynamics, contemplation and fun playing together!

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