Café George

Anna Torge & Michael Freimuth

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Anna Torge – Mandolin

Michael Freimuth – Lute

Whats new? Hearing familiar music in unexpected, out-of-the-ordinary places, for example! When the 2022 International Handel Festival launched its maiden voyage under the new dual leadership, this very experience was one of the new horizons it set out to explore: Bringing Handel's music beyond concert halls and (music) theaters and out into the community for the first time. To a logistics center. To right in the center of the city. Or directly across from it, in "Liesels".

The atmosphere is just as important as the music. The clatter of dishes, the footsteps of the service staff, the physically palpable proximity between the ensemble and the audience – all this is an integral part of this special event and is what makes it so unique. Experience Anna Torges (mandolin) and Michael Freimuth's (lute) beautiful playing and the moderation of Managing Director Jochen Schäfsmeier who of course would not forgo the chance to welcome and interview the duo personally.

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